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June 2022 current expo

Los Angeles

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June 2022

Los Angeles

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December 2021

New York

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June 2021


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October 2020


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September 2020

Paris - Opera La Fayette

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December 2019


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December 2018

Paris - Châtelet

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Expo-Metro is open to all artists hobbyist and professionals - whatever your artistic specialty

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Rudolph van Valkenburg

Founder of Expo Metro and ArtQuid


Our Mission is to bring Art directly in contact to people in their daily lives. Expo-Metro selects for each exhibition a prestigious public space at the heart of a major city and organizes an important media coverage which is turning each Expo into a unique event. Our goal is to allow artists from all horizons to exhibit their artworks at exceptional locations around the world and benefit from an incredible exposure visible by thousands of people. All of this in 1 clic from home.

To promote and support artists in living from their passion

To bring an artistic touch to public spaces and break the monotony of everyday life

To boost creativity and diversity

Artists Testimonials

Brigitte. B
Brigitte. B

Artist Sculptor

Thank you so much for this amazing project! I am very happy to have seen my work on a giant poster. I went several times with friends to admire the artworks. This event is a beautiful memory engraved in my mind and it gives me even more positive energy for the future!


Artist Painter

This gigantic Expo-Metro in Central Paris at Châtelet station was a real challenge and a true success. This mega exhibition on a 96 m² exhibition space offered to the public 380 artworks from different artists. If this is not an exceptional exhibition, tell me how to qualify it? And what's more, these giant posters look absolutely stunning!


Artist Photographer

Dear Organizers! I would like to thank you for the opportunity to take part in this wonderful artistic event which was Metro Expo Berlin. I consider the idea of a joint exhibition of many artists in a very busy place such as a metro station, combined with their wider presentation thru the Internet, as very successful. Especially in these difficult times of the pandemic when new ways of promoting art are so badly needed. Personally being part of this endeavor has been a wonderful and inspiring experience. The opportunity to present my art work together with many other great creators was priceless. Many thanks to you organizers! With best regards BLAZIR / Błażej Dzieduszycki