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Miami Beach

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We replace ads by Art

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Dezember 2022

Miami Beach

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Juni 2022

Los Angeles

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New York

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Paris - Opera La Fayette

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Dezember 2018

Paris - Châtelet

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Our Mission is to make Art accessible to everyone outside the walls in public spaces.

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About ExpoMetro

ExpoMetro is a one of a kind open air Art Show that is making Art accessible to everyone in public spaces. Artists from all horizons are uniting within unique Collective Artworks showcased on giant billboards around the world. Together, artists are changing the way people discover Art directly in the streets. This infinite source of creativity that was locked in homes is now visible by millions of people in iconic locations.

Our goal is to replace 1% of outdoor advertizing by Art. The 9 world’s biggest billboard companies own 3 million billboards. Together we can turn 30,000 Ads by Art! ExpoMetro is making partnerships with local billboard owners and global companies to change the face of urban landscape.

In 3 years, ExpoMetro launched 8 Expos in 7 cities across 5 countries, replaced 84 ads by Art, exhibited 4141 artworks, viewed by 4.5 million people. The ExpoMetro World Tour has only just begun.

Join us and make your Art travel across the globe! 🎨🌎

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Artists Testimonials

Brigitte. B

Artiste Sculpteur

Merci beaucoup pour ce projet incroyable ! Je suis super contente d'y avoir vu mon œuvre exposée sur une affiche géante. J’y retourne demain avec des amis et repartirai avec des beaux souvenirs gravés pour une futur nouvelle année encore plus positive !


Artiste Peintre

Je tiens à souligner qu'il s'agit d'une gageure, d'un véritable défi que de proposer au public cette gigantesque expo-metro à Paris à la station Châtelet. Cette exposition qui occupe une surface d'affichage de 96 m², offre à voir au public 380 photos d'oeuvres de plus de 300 artistes. S'il ne s'agit pas d'une exposition sortant de l'ordinaire, dites-moi comment la qualifier ? Qui plus est, toutes ces affiches «ont de la gueule ! »


Künstler Fotograf

Dear Organizers! I would like to thank you for the opportunity to take part in this wonderful artistic event which was Metro Expo Berlin. I consider the idea of a joint exhibition of many artists in a very busy place such as a metro station, combined with their wider presentation thru the Internet, as very successful. Especially in these difficult times of the pandemic when new ways of promoting art are so badly needed. Personally being part of this endeavor has been a wonderful and inspiring experience. The opportunity to present my art work together with many other great creators was priceless. Many thanks to you organizers! With best regards BLAZIR / Błażej Dzieduszycki