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New York Times Square

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Our mission is to make Art accessible to everyone in outdoor public spaces

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Expometro revolutionizes the concept of Art exhibition

Expometro is a one of a kind Art show allowing artists to showcase their Art on billboards at iconic locations around the world in a click.

Each show is a unique event uniting hundreds of artists from all horizons within giant Collective Artworks. Artists benefit from incredible exposure in crowded public spaces and change the way people discover Art directly in the streets. This creativity that was previously locked in homes is now suddenly visible by millions of people.

Our goal is to replace 1% of outdoor advertizing by Art. The 9 world’s largest Out Of Home advertising companies own 3 million billboards. Together we can turn 30,000 ads by Art! ExpoMetro is making partnerships with local billboard owners and global companies to change the face of urban landscape.

In 3 years, ExpoMetro launched 8 Expos in 7 cities across 5 countries, replaced 88 ads by Art, exhibited 4141 artworks, viewed by 5.5 million people. The ExpoMetro World Tour has only just begun.

Join us and make your Art travel around the world! 🎨🌎

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ExpoMetro is open to all artists.


Artists Testimonials

Vanluc Nghiemphu

Phygital Artist

Amazed by the audacity of this incredible innovative artistic concept I contacted Rudolph the Founder of Expometro and was immediately seduced. I participated in Expometro Miami with a few relatives and artist friends as well.

Rudolph appreciated my work and my "Cow French Touch" was seen all over Miami like hundreds of other artistic creations.

I warmly thank the organizers, the videographers, the drivers, the city of Miami and the whole team who generously knew how to impregnate art in the city in a surprising way!

Another big thank you, I wish many years to EXPOMETRO,

And it goes without saying that this concept will still go very far.

What if art was just an idea?


Phygital Artist

Circle of European Artists

Artists Association

It is always a great pleasure to participate in your events which are only becoming more and more attractive. The Circle of European Artists warmly thanks Expo Metro for this great adventure in Miami Beach with the “Art train”. Thanks also to its founder, Rudolph van Valkenburg, for all the trouble he took to organize this event. Without him and his investment in promoting the artists, none of this would have been possible. We were allowed to participate in a large and prestigious mobile exhibition that took place during the famous Art Basel in Miami Beach. The Circle of European Artists presented about 20 artists on billboard n°5. Congratulations again for this innovative concept that is just waiting to grow bigger and bigger.

Nina Bruneau

Visual Artist, Illustrator & Author

A huge thank you to the entire ExpoMetro team for this great show! It is an incredible experience to participate in such a giant collective exhibition. ExpoMetro allows a wonderful gathering of artists from around the world to exhibit our art to be seen by thousands of people. Can't wait to find out the next destination!