December 2018

Expo Metro
Paris - Châtelet

8 Giant Posters

11 > 17 December, 2018

Paris, Châtelet


Artists Testimonials

  • Vanluc Nghiemphu

    Phygital Artist

    Le hasard des réseaux et l’audace de cette initiative m’ont conduit à prendre contact avec le créateur de ce concept artistique innovant.

    J’ai immédiatement été séduit par cette opération sur Miami et devant l’ambition du projet, je ne pouvais qu’ y adhérer, accompagné de quelques proches et amis artistes aussi.

    Rudolph a apprécié mon travail et ma « Cow French Touch » a été vu dans tout Miami comme des centaines d’autres créations artistiques.

    Je remercie chaleureusement les organisateurs, les vidéastes, les chauffeurs, la ville de Miami et toute l’équipe qui a su généreusement imprégner l’art dans la ville de façon surprenante !

    Encore un grand Merci, je souhaite de longues années à EXPO METRO,

    mais il va s’en dire que cette idée ira encore très loin.

    Et si l’art n’était qu’une idée ?


    Phygital Artist

  • Blazir

    Artist Photographer

    Dear Organizers! I would like to thank you for the opportunity to take part in this wonderful artistic event which was Metro Expo Berlin. I consider the idea of a joint exhibition of many artists in a very busy place such as a metro station, combined with their wider presentation thru the Internet, as very successful. Especially in these difficult times of the pandemic when new ways of promoting art are so badly needed. Personally being part of this endeavor has been a wonderful and inspiring experience. The opportunity to present my art work together with many other great creators was priceless. Many thanks to you organizers! With best regards BLAZIR / Błażej Dzieduszycki

  • Pich

    Artist Painter

    This gigantic Expo-Metro in Central Paris at Châtelet station was a real challenge and a true success. This mega exhibition on a 96 m² exhibition space offered to the public 380 artworks from different artists. If this is not an exceptional exhibition, tell me how to qualify it? And what's more, these giant posters look absolutely stunning!

  • Anna Trimmel

    Artist Painter

    I was thrilled to participate and after seeing the quality of the images on those billboards I was super happy! I loved that it gave me a chance to showcase 2 of my artworks alongside so many amazing artists. It was an exciting experience and can’t wait to see what’s in the making for this year!

  • Circle of European Artists

    Artists Association

    It is always a great pleasure to participate in your events which are only becoming more and more attractive. The Circle of European Artists warmly thanks Expo Metro for this great adventure in Miami Beach with the “Art train”. Thanks also to its founder, Rudolph van Valkenburg, for all the trouble he took to organize this event. Without him and his investment in promoting the artists, none of this would have been possible. We were allowed to participate in a large and prestigious mobile exhibition that took place during the famous Art Basel in Miami Beach. The Circle of European Artists presented about 20 artists on billboard n°5. Congratulations again for this innovative concept that is just waiting to grow bigger and bigger.

  • K-roline

    Artist Painter

    Following my participation in New York, I am so happy to have participated again in Expo Metro Miami Beach! It is such a unique occasion to exhibit my Art around the world. A brilliant innovative concept and a beautiful artistic project in which I believe a lot!!! I invite you all to follow Expo Metro for new adventures!

  • Momo Moudjou

    Graphic Designer

    ExpoMetro has launched since a few years a new concept: Art on billboards in the streets or the metro. It is an incredible experience to participate in each event. Thank you to all the Team.

  • Mnémosyne


    I am very happy to have been part of this incredible adventure! I actually almost missed the expo - I'm glad I could finally participate at last minute. Many thanks to the team and their great job for having organized such a unique event. With all my gratitude! I can't wait for the next Expo Metro!

  • Brigitte. B

    Artist Sculptor

    Thank you so much for this amazing project! I am very happy to have seen my work on a giant poster. I went several times with friends to admire the artworks. This event is a beautiful memory engraved in my mind and it gives me even more positive energy for the future!

  • Maori Overstreet

    Urban Art Painter

    Since I started the adventure with Expo Metro, I can say that it is above all an amazing team experience. It allowed me to exhibit my artworks on giant billboards in hyper prestigious places all over the world. Their communication through social media brought me great professional benefits for my artists career. But the road is not over. There is a beautiful road is still taking shape together for a long time. Thank you for bringing our Art to life by making it visible to thousands of people.

  • Mohammed Aboudalal

    Artist Painter

    J'ai eu l'honneur et le privilège d'être présent parmi les artistes du monde, je représente dans cette exposition mon pays le Maroc. C'est une expérience très enrichissante. A refaire. Dr Aboudalal

  • Laurie Cartoon

    Artist Painter

    I had the chance to participate one more time in the great Expometro adventure with my latest artworks in Miami Beach. As always these collaborative exhibitions in prestigious public spaces are a unique opportunity for each artist to make your Art travel around the world. I ❤️ Expometro.

  • John Cartan

    Generative Artist

    I included some of my work in Expo Metro’s 2022 Miami Art Train. I was thrilled with the quality of the printing, the quality of the surrounding art from artists around the world, and the passion and enthusiasm of the whole Expo Metro team. These guys really are on a mission to get art out into the world. I plan on participating in future Expo Metro shows.

About the Expo

Expo Metro Paris - Châtelet

380 artists exhibit on 8 giant posters in the metro in Paris at Châtelet station