June 2021

Expo Metro

After Paris, London and Berlin, ExpoMetro continues its European Tour with a new public expo in an exceptional location: the Principality of Monaco, renowned international glamorous spot on the Riviera.

8 Collective Artworks

29th June > 5th July 2021


About the Expo

Expo Metro Monaco

For its 5th edition ExpoMetro organizes a giant expo in the streets of Monaco.

ExpoMetro reserved for this event 8' 4x3m billboards, almost 100m2 exhibition space.

Each billboard represents a Unique Collective Artwork composed of different works from artists that are accessible online via a QR code visible on each billboard or directly on the page of the expo all year long.

This unique expo is opened to all artists hobbyists and pros, transforming the streets of Monaco into a giant art gallery of eclectic artworks accessible to everyone.

ExpoMetro organizes for this occasion an Official Photos/Video shoot that will be promoted everywhere on all social media.

The Collective Artworks will be visible at:

- 2 boulevard d'Italie

- 5 boulevard d'Italie

- 4 boulevard Princesse Charlotte

- 12 avenue du Port

- boulevard Rainier III / Sainte Dévote n°1

- boulevard Rainier III / Sainte Dévote n°5

- boulevard Rainier III / Turbie n°10

- avenue Prince Pierre n°20


Thank you for your participation!

Your ExpoMetro Team