Diciembre 2021

Expo Metro New York

ExpoMetro está lanzando su Grand Tour of America en la ciudad de Nueva York con una valla publicitaria masiva que muestra a más de 800 artistas independientes en el corazón de Manhattan.

1 obra de arte colectiva gigante

12 > 18 dic. 2021

New York City





¡Todas las obras de arte validadas antes del 10 de noviembre se exhibirán en esta valla publicitaria gigante en las calles de Nueva York!

Participe en esta obra de arte colectiva histórica que se exhibirá en las calles de Nueva York y se venderá en una subasta como un NFT único.


  • Exposición Pública

    Su obra de arte es visible para miles de personas en las calles de Nueva York con un código QR para la Expo en línea.

  • Online Expo

    Su obra de arte es accesible en línea los 365 días del año con un enlace a su sitio web.

  • Promotion

    Su obra de arte se promociona en todas partes en las redes sociales a través de una sesión oficial de fotos / videos.

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  • Bonus

    Reciba un Certificado Oficial de ExpoMétro + 3 meses Premium en ArtQuid.

  • NFT Sale Earnings

    Esta Obra de Arte Colectiva Histórica estará a la venta como un NFT único. El 90% de las ganancias se dividirá entre todos los artistas.

    Mas información

ExpoMetro venderá en subasta esta Obra de Arte Colectiva Digital Única en formato NFT. El 90% de las ganancias se dividirá entre los artistas participantes.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. Essentially, NFTs are like any other physical collector's item, but instead of receiving an oil painting on canvas to hang on your wall, for example, you get a Jpeg file.
More info

Jpeg file by digital artist Beeple sells
for over $69 million at NFT auction

Where will be the sale?

The digital artwork will be on sale on OpenSea.io the largest NFT marketplace.

When will be the sale?

The digital artwork will be on sale on the 1st day of the expo in New York.

How can I receive my earnings?

After the sale ExpoMetro will let you register your bank account details to receive your earnings.



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Más info sobre la Expo

Expo Metro New York

For its 6th edition ExpoMetro has organized a giant expo in the streets of New York City.

ExpoMetro has reserved for this event a massive 20x30 feet billboard at the intersection of Greenwich and Clarkson Street.

This massive illuminated billboard in the posh West Village catches traffic from the West Side Highway, from which Clarkson St is a major exit. Only 2 blocks from Pier 40, one of the WV's biggest draws with baseball and soccer fields, a rowing club, and the Hudson River Greenway. Within a block are the headquarters of Soul Cycle, Squarespace and Publicis Media, Google's new multi-block campus and James Walker Park, and it's 3 blocks from Disney's NY HQ. For an iconic and unsaturated area, this is BIG!

ExpoMetro is allowing artists from around the world to participate in a unique Collective Artwork and have their artwork showcased on this massive billboard composed of 800+ artworks. This Collective Artwork will be accessible online through a QR code visible on the billboard and directly on the page of the expo all year long.

This unique expo is opened to all artists hobbyists and pros, transforming the streets of New York into a giant art gallery of eclectic artworks accessible to everyone.

NEW! ExpoMetro will sell the Digital Image of that Unique Collective Artwork as an NFT. 90% of the earnings will be split between all the participating artists.

ExpoMetro is organizing for this occasion an Official Photos/Video shoot that will be promoted everywhere on social media.

Thank you for your participation!

Your ExpoMetro Team